Donation page

Our association is recruiting donations from those who support our activities.
We would appreciate it if you could choose from the following items and proceed.

Donation to our whole business

ATRMI is a general foundation aimed to promote R&D in the fields of information communication, artificial intelligence, brain information science and life science and to promote social innovations based on them.
Taking advantage of the regional features of the Kansai Science City, we aim at creating new leading-edge technical fields, promote and visualize industry-government-university-individual collaborations among various research institutes.

Donation to our whole business


Donate to our project for programming class

It aims to make children actively use computers and get abilities to think programmatically. However, considering the burden of facilities in elementary schools and teachers for this class, there may be many schools and parents having a concern about its implementation.
This programming class is designed to educate children with our desire “Try to do it if we could do something for this goal.” The teaching method is based on CoderDoojo which started in Ireland in 2011 and is used in 110 countries (1,900 places in the world, over 168 places in Japan).
For the time being, we are planning to open classrooms for elementary schools in Seika-Nishikizu district for children, guardians, etc. We appreciates if you can approve our activities and donate.

Donate to our project of programming class